I've recently decided to do some changes in the way I handle my online profile. Until now I've really never paid attention to it, but lately, I've been thinking about separating my personal and professional online presence. What I mean, and therefore the title of this blog post, is that I want to create a specific professional branding for me, that only handles related stuff about what it is that I do professionally. Separation of concerns is a great thing to have!

In light of that, I've been doing a lot of work with the help of Digital Ocean setting all things up (like this blog, new sites, a new Twitter account, etc.) in preparation for launching my brand new self (pun is this time intended).

Now, this does not mean that I'm forgetting about my other half (which is, of course, more fun than me), it simply means that things won't be in the same place and that is for the better.

If you have already had any contact with me, then you know what I do, but for everyone else: I'm an IT Consultant, Full Stack Web Developer, Linux SysAdmin, DevOps Engineer and a curious learner, so expect to see everything related to my career in here and in my personal brand page.

In the following weeks, I hope I can start rolling out this new sites, along with some new ideas I've been cooking already.